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The books from Siljans Måsar want to give You as a reader a feeling of comfort, hope and happiness. Today we know that that the power is within us, that we make our own lifes and that the joie de vivre is something that every person can look inside and choose for themselves. To read a book where the author has been part of discovering new enlightenment in these areas, can release and create new thoughts. A book with guidance, power and spiritual values can also give You insight to Your ancient power, which longs to be noticed. 

Publishing House Siljans Måsar is a spiritual voice for authors that use the good and healing word in their work, taken from years of life experience including pain, fear and sorrow – wisdom, filled by the power of forgiveness and faith in life. We are publishing spiritual, self-healing and channeling books, within the genre of philosophy of life and metaphysics, with the mission to spread the Light of North, and with the aim of keeping and enhance the Good Word and the Love in our hearts and minds – for you and Mother Earth.

The seed to start this publishing house was planted one cold evening in October, 2008, by Lake Siljan in Dalarna. It was a truly magical evening with distinct spiritual presence, where my writing started to take shape. During the following year, three books were written: "Light from the North", bringing a message to people, who wanted to understand their inner voice from a new perspective. Soon enough more authors joined the business and the publishing house was officially opened. 

"Siljan" in our name represents the force and beauty of nature and "Måsar" represents the inner, subtle dialogue and the spiritual resource. Our ambition is to publish and highlight authors that share our philosophy relating to the power of love & forgiveness, benevolence, respect, thoughtfulness and joie de vivre. The business is managed from Ystad, but we work with writers from all over Sweden. The group currently consists of near enough 180 writers with more than 200 titles, as well as audio books and e-books, in both English and Swedish. 

Please find our books below. The ebooks will be sent to you as PDF-files to your email. If you have difficulties with the payment, just email us and we will help you: We can send you an invoice through PayPal to your email and you can pay instantly, even without a PayPal account. You can also e-mail the amount through Paypal to our mail: After confirmation from PayPal, we will send you the books immediately.

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